Klarus FT30 sarkans filtrs (58mm)
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Klarus FT30 sarkans filtrs (58mm)

Lukturīšu piederumi SKU: 380430 EAN: 6954424401193




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Par šo produktu

FT30 Flashlight filters have high elastic silicone frame which gives a good protection in almost any environment. Filters are compatible with 58mm bezel (XT30/XT30R etc.) The Red filter is great for penetrating fog and smoke, and ideal for signalling. Red is also ideal when you want to preserve your night vision. Hunters use the red filter to avoid disturbing animals during pre-dawn hours - animals see poorly in the red color spectrum. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications - such as map reading - as it reduces the intensity of light output. For military operations; a red beam will always light the path ahead without jeopardising night vision or strategic position. A red beam also perfectly illuminates star maps & lenses without affecting night vision. It won´t attract insects.
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