HP Compaq 6530b 6-cell laptop battery
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HP Compaq 6530b 6-cell laptop battery

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About this product

This battery is made from Samsung SDI 2600mAh Li-ion cells. This provides excellent usage and lifetime to the battery! It is certainly one of the best product that is offered on laptop batteries market.
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Additional Information

  • Type: Li-ion
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 0.32 kg
  • Brand: Ironcell
  • Suitable for manufacturer: HP; Compaq
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Fits for: HP EliteBook 6930p; HP EliteBook 8440p; HP EliteBook 8440w; HP ProBook 6440b; HP ProBook 6445b; HP ProBook 6450B; HP ProBook 6540b; HP ProBook 6545b; HP ProBook 6550b; HP ProBook 6555; HP ProBook 6555B; HP Compaq Business Notebook 6530b; HP Compaq Business Notebook 6535b; HP Compaq Business Notebook 6730b; HP Compaq Business Notebook 6735b; HP Compaq 6530b; Compaq 6535b; Compaq 6730b; Compaq 6735b; Compaq 6500b; Compaq 6700b; EliteBook 8440P
  • Replaces: HSTNN-IB68; HSTNN-IB69; HSTNN-CB69; HSTNN-UB68; KU531AA; HSTNN-144C-A; HSTNN-144C-B; HSTNN-145C-A; HSTNN-145C-B; HSTNN-C66C-4; HSTNN-C66C-5; HSTNN-C67C-4; HSTNN-C67C-5; HSTNN-C68C; 482962-001; 455771-005; HP 482962-001; HP 484786-001; HP HSTNN-UB69; HP HSTNN-XB24; HP HSTNN-XB59; HP HSTNN-XB61; HP HSTNN-XB68; HP HSTNN-XB69; HP KU531A; TD06; 486296-001; 463310-242; HSTNN-I44C-A; HSTNN-I44C-B; HSTNN-I45C-A; HSTNN-I45C-B; HSTNN-W42C-A; HSTNN-W42C-B
  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Cell: 6
  • TOOTJA: Samsung SDI cell