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Allen Bradley 1756-BATA PLC Li-SOCl2 battery 14500mAh

PLC batteries SKU: 357345 EAN: 4894128148609




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About this product

Allen Bradley PLC battery with a capacity of 14500mAh. Dimensions: 61.20 x 65.80 x 33.00mm. NB! Not rechargeable!
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Additional Information

  • Type: Li-SOCl2
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 0.21 kg
  • Measures: 61.20 x 65.80 x 33.00mm
  • Suitable for manufacturer: Allen Bradley
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Fits for: ALLEN BRADLEY: 1756-BATM, 1756-L55M12, 1756-L55M13, 1756-L55M14, 1756-L55M16, 1756-L55M1x, 1756-L55M22, 1756-L55M23, 1756-L55M24, 1756-L55M2x, 1756-L55MX, 1756-L60M03SE, 1756-L61 (Series A), 1756-L62 (Series A), 1756-L63 (Series A), 1756-L64 (Series A), 1756-L6x, 1756-L6x (Series A), 1756-LM55, ControlLogix 1756-L55M12 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L55M13 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L55M14 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L55M16 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L55M22 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L55M23 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L55M24 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L61 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L62 (Series A), ControlLogix 1756-L63 (Series A), ControlLogix Logix 5561 (Series A), ControlLogix Logix 5562 (Series A), ControlLogix Logix 5563 (Series A), ControlLogix Logix 5564 (Series A)
  • Replaces: 1756-BATA, 1756-BATM
  • Capacity: 14500mAh