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Nitecore HC60V2 kabatas 1200lm

Galvenie lukturi SKU: 380977 EAN: 6952506406845


€79,90 €64,90


Noliktavā (4 units), tūlītēja izsūtīšana

Par šo produktu

The Nitecore HC60 v2 headlamp takes everything we love about HC60 and makes it even better. The max output has been increased to 1200 lumen that can reach up to 130m. Its 100 degree wide angle flood beam covers your entire field of vision, making it an ideal headlamp for camping, running, hunting, trekking, biking, or any outdoor activity. The HC60 v2 comes with a 3400mAh high capacity 18650 battery, boasting an exceptional 680 hours of runtime on ultra low. This headlamp has also been upgraded with a USB-C charging port for improved charging times! The LED light beneath the power switch doubles as a charging status indicator and battery power indicator. HC60 v2 is super easy to use with its single switch design. No more fumbling multiple switches in the dark. Just long press the switch to power on and off. When the headlamp is on, short press the switch to cycle through different brightness levels and three auxiliary modes. The setting is memorized even after you turn off the headlamp. It is also designed to comfortably wear the headlamp for a prolonged time with a secure rear pad and silicone grip strip on the headlamp.
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Papildu informācija

  • Tips:
  • Krāsa: black
  • Svars: 0.07 kg
  • Aizsardzības klase: IPX7
  • Mūžs: Turbo: 1200 lumens - 45min, High: 450 lumens - 2h 15min, Mid: 250 lumens - 6h 30min, Low: 40 lumens - 26h, Ultralow: 1 lumens - 680h
  • Jostas skava: EI
  • Lādētājs: EI
  • Rokas siksna: EI
  • Ieroča stiprinājums: EI
  • Materiāls: alumiinium/kumm
  • Gaismas plūsmas diapazons: 130m
  • Baterijas: 1 × 18650, 2 × CR123, 2 x RCR123
  • Lūmeni: 1200lm
  • Max stara intensitāte: 4240cd
  • Triecienizturība: 1m
  • TOOTJA: Nitecore