Klarus FT30 zaļš filtrs (58mm)
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Klarus FT30 zaļš filtrs (58mm)

Lukturīšu piederumi SKU: 380458 EAN: 6954424401209




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FT30 Flashlight filters have high elastic silicone frame which gives a good protection in almost any environment. Filters are compatible with 58mm bezel (XT30/XT30R etc.). The Green filter is ideal for hunting and hiking. The green filter provides the best visibility in a forest because it uses the lowest light intensity possible. And the green light will help hide your location when hunting in the forest. Green light won´t attract insects, and is the go-to beam color for fishing as fishes are attracted to green light and it preserves your night vision during pre-dawn fishing hours. Green Filter useful for map reading, hunting to avoid spooking game, tactical applications.
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