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Soshine V32 protection case-charger for 32 batteries

Chargers SKU: 1490-001-110E-V32


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About this product

This is a modification of a well-known Peli protection case with Soshine chargers integrated in it. The V32 can charge all batteries separately. It´s suitable for the following battery elements: Li-ion 7.4V, LiFeP04 9.6V, NiMh 6F22 7.4V. Do not charge alkaline, carbon-zinc or other non-rechargeable batteries! LED indicators show the charging level for every battery. Red LED - charging in process, green LED - charging complete. Blinking red means that there´s a problem - whether the battery is inserted backwards, is damaged or of a wrong type. Built-in reverse polarity, overcharging and short circuit protection system to avoid battery damage. The charging stops automatically when the batteries are full. Made of durable and fireproof ABS plastic. The handles are covered with rubber, the case has stainless steel details and safe locks.

Keep the lid open while charging!

Input: 240V
Output: 8.4V / 9.8V / 10.8V
Output current: 150mA x 32
Optimal working temperature: 10℃ - 45℃
Storage temperature: 0℃-40℃
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Additional Information

  • Type:
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Voltage: 8.4V
  • Fits for: Li-ion 7.4V, LiFeP04 9.6V, NiMh 6F22 7.4V
  • With foam: Ei
  • Belt clip: EI
  • Charger: EI
  • Lanyard: EI
  • Gun mount: EI
  • Material: plastik
  • TOOTJA: PELI / Soshine